The Love Electronics Argon R1 mainboard and five new Gadgeteer compatible modules are now available for purchase.

The Argon R1 mainboard has a 120 MHz Cortex-M3 microprocessor and a whopping 32MB of RAM.  In addition, it has 128MB of onboard Flash, making it the highest-capacity Gadgeteer mainborad to date.

The new Love Electronics modules include:

  • USB DC Power Module:

Love Electronics USB DC Power Module

  • LED Array module with 7 LEDs (2 green, 3 orange and 2 red):

LED Array Module

  • Button module with 2 programmable LEDs:

Button Module

  • Premium Relay Module with 4 10A switched relays

Premium Relay Module

  • pH and Temperature Module

pH and Temperature Module

Finally, Love Electronics has an Argon R1 starter kit with an Argon R1 Mainboard, USB DC Power Module, two Button modules, an LED Array module and an assortment of cables.

Argon R1 Starter Kit

For more information, or to purchase Love Electronics hardware, please visit