The Gadgeteer.Interfaces namespace is primarily for manufacturers building mainboards and modules. See the the readme.txt file included with the mainboard and module builder templates for more information about implementing these classes.


Public classAnalogInput
Represents analog input on a single pin.
Public classAnalogOutput
Represents analog output on a single pin.
Public classDigitalInput
Represents a digital input on a single pin.
Public classDigitalIO
Represents digital input/output on a single pin.
Public classDigitalOutput
Represents digital output on a single pin.
Public classI2CBus
Represents a device on an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) multi-drop 2-wire bus.
Public classInterruptInput
Represents interrupt input on a single pin not bound to a specific Socket.
Public classPWMOutput
Represents pulse width modulation (PWM) output using a single socket pin.
Public classSerial
Represents a serial communcations interface port.
Public classSerial..::..PortNotOpenException
Represents the exception that is raised when the serial port has not been opened prior to a read or write operation.
Public classSoftwareI2C
Supports software I2C on any GPIO pins using socket type X or Y.
Public classSPI
Represents a Microwire/Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) interface for a Microwire/SPI device.
Public classSPI..::..Configuration
Represents the configuration for an SPI interface.


Public delegateInterruptInput..::..InterruptEventHandler
Represents the delegate used for the Interrupt event.
Public delegateSerial..::..DataReceivedEventHandler
Represents the delegate used for the DataReceived event.
Public delegateSerial..::..LineReceivedEventHandler
Represents the delegate used for the LineReceived event.


Public enumerationDigitalIO..::..IOModes
Represents the possible modes of a digital input/output interface.
Public enumerationGlitchFilterMode
Provides an enumeration of values used to set glitch filter mode on or off.
Public enumerationInterruptMode
Provides an enumeration of the values used to set the port interrupt mode.
Public enumerationResistorMode
Specifies the resistor modes for various ports.
Public enumerationSerial..::..HardwareFlowControl
Specifies whether the Serial module requires hardware flow control.
Public enumerationSerial..::..SerialParity
Specifies the parity bit for a Serial object.
Public enumerationSerial..::..SerialStopBits
Specifies the number of stop bits used on the Serial object.
Public enumerationSoftwareI2C..::..LengthErrorBehavior
This specifies possible options for handling length errors, i.e. when the specified number of bytes cannot be read or written. Even if these are suppressed, exceptions may still be thrown for bus errors, e.g. if there is a timeout because the clock line is held low too long.
Public enumerationSPI..::..Sharing
Provides values to specify the sharing mode for an SPI instance.