Abstract class to provide common methods, properties, and events for DaisyLink modules that can be chained together on the same socket.

Namespace: Gadgeteer.Modules
Assembly: Gadgeteer (in Gadgeteer.dll) Version: (2.41.500.0)


public abstract class DaisyLinkModule : Module


The Module..::..DaisyLinkModule class is the base class for all DaisyLink modules that are capable of being chained together on the same socket. When you use chained modules, you instantiate each corresponding object by providing the same socket to the object constructor. For DaisyLink modules (using type X or Y), pin 3 is for the DaisyLink neighbor bus, pin 4 is used for I2C SDA, pin 5 is used for I2C SCL. See the DaisyLink specification in Appendix 1 of the Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Module Builder’s Guide for more details.

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