This is version 2.41.500 of the .NET Gadgeteer namespace. The .NET Gadgeteer core libraries contain classes used by .NET Gadgeteer modules and mainboards. Some classes, such as Socket and Socket..::..SocketInterfaces, are provided for manufacturers, but others, such as Color, Picture, StorageDevice, and Timer are useful in implementing .NET Gadgeteer devices.


Public classMainboard
This abstract class allows the Gadgeteer libraries to access the functionality provided by mainboards. Every Gadgeteer program uses a single mainboard accessed by Program.Mainboard.
Public classMainboard..::..LCDConfiguration
Specifies the properties of a liquid crystal display (LCD) module.
Public classPicture
Represents a picture encoded in a JPEG, GIF or BMP format.
Public classProgram
Represents the main program for a Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer application.
Public classSocket
A class representing a socket, which may be on a mainboard or on an expansion module such as an SPI multiplexer.
Public classSocket..::..InvalidSocketException
An exception raised when an invalid socket is specified, e.g. a socket incompatible with the functionality required.
Public classSocket..::..PinConflictException
An exception raised when there is a pin conflict.
Public classSocket..::..PinMissingException
An exception raised when a socket pin which is unspecified by the socket provider is used.
Public classSocket..::..SocketImmutableAfterRegistrationException
This exception is thrown when a socket which is already registered with GadgeteerCore is then modified.
Public classSocket..::..SocketInterfaces
This static class contains interfaces used by mainboards to provide functionalities on sockets to Gadgeteer. End users do not need to use this class directly and should normally use GTM.Modules to access functionality. Module developers do not need to use this class directly and should normally use GT.Socket and GT.Interfaces to access the required functionality.
Public classStorageDevice
Encapsulates the Volume information and the RootDirectory of a storage device. Provides wrappers for useful functions in System.IO.File and System.IO.Directory static classes, for ease of API discovery.
Public classTimer
Provides a timer to enable periodic status checks or actions, or a one-off stopwatch.


Public structureColor
Represents colors that can be used in your Gadgeteer application.


Public interfaceSocket..::..SocketInterfaces..::..AnalogInput
An interface to a socket's analog input functionality.
Public interfaceSocket..::..SocketInterfaces..::..AnalogOutput
Provides access to a socket's analog output functionality.
Public interfaceSocket..::..SocketInterfaces..::..PWM
Provides access to a socket's pulse width modulation (PWM) functionality.


Public delegateMainboard..::..BitmapConvertBPP
A delegate for serial peripheral interface (SPI) display support, which marshals an RGB byte array into a target byte array, e.g. encoded as 16-bit color.
Public delegateMainboard..::..GetStorageDeviceVolumeNamesDelegate
A delegate used for storage device support. See GetStorageDeviceVolumeNames.
Public delegateMainboard..::..StorageDeviceDelegate
A delegate used for storage device support, for mounting and unmounting storage devices. See MountStorageDevice and UnmountStorageDevice.
Public delegateProgram..::..InvokeEventHandler
A delegate for the Invoke()()()() event.
Public delegateSocket..::..SocketInterfaces..::..NativeI2CWriteReadDelegate
Delegate for mainboards to provide custom native/hardware I2C support.
Public delegateTimer..::..TickEventHandler
Represents the delegate that is used for the Tick event.


Public enumerationMainboard..::..BPP
Specifies the number of bits per LCD pixel and the format of those bits.
Public enumerationMainboard..::..ProgrammingInterface
Represents the available interfaces for the programming mode.
Public enumerationPicture..::..PictureEncoding
Represents the encoding of a Picture object.
Public enumerationSocket..::..Pin
An enumeration of socket pins.
Public enumerationTimer..::..BehaviorType
An enumeration of timer behaviours