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What is the .NET Micro Framework?

.NET Micro Framework is an open source platform that enables you to write managed code C# applications using Visual Studio for resource constrained embedded devices. .NET Micro Framework is open sourced by Microsoft Open Technologies.

What is .NET Micro Framework used for?

.NET Micro Framework can be used to build embedded devices on resourced constrained devices running on a microcontroller with just a few hundred kilobytes of RAM and storage. Developers can use Visual Studio, C# and .NET knowledge to quickly write embedded applications without having to worry about the intricacies of each microcontroller. A developer can purchase a .NET Micro Framework compatible board, connect the board to their development computer running Visual Studio and start writing applications for physical devices. No extensive knowledge of hardware design is needed to get started writing code for physical devices.

Why .NET Micro Framework?

Great Developer Experience

Use best in-class development and debugging tools of Visual Studio to easily create micro intelligent devices.

Rapid prototyping

Bring your ideas to life in hours instead of days or weeks with the .NET Gadgeteer platform. Quickly and easily develop your inventions to show people your creative designs.

Leverage .NET and C#

Harness your existing C# and .NET knowledge base to bring cool and innovative devices to life.

Latest News

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  • Changing of the Guard June 30, 2015
    It has been a busy eight months since I rejoined the team to see if I could contribute to getting some wind back in the NETMF sails. Since then we have started participating in conferences again (Build and Maker Faire among others), we have planned and...(read more)
    Colin Miller
  • Addressing Codeplex issues May 5, 2015
    As mentioned in the GitHub announcement, we will be replicating and triaging the issues that are in CodePlex as we move them to GitHub where we will continue to address them. We will be looking at the number of votes each issue has to help us prioritize...(read more)
    Colin Miller
  • NETMF at \\Build April 30, 2015
    There is a lot of news coming from Microsoft's \\Build conference going on this week. Much of this is around Windows 10, Office 365, HoloLens, and other large investments. In the IoT space, the focus is on the announcement of Windows IoT Core (code named...(read more)
    Colin Miller
  • Quail board: A new addition to the NETMF family March 10, 2015
    I just got word that the Quail board from the MikroBus.NET team is now shipping. This is a new development board built around the popular STM32 that supports the ‘click’ modules that use MikroBUS connections. MikroBUS is a connector definition...(read more)
    Colin Miller
  • NETMF 4.4 Beta out on GitHub March 10, 2015
    There are a number of improvements planned for NETMF 4.4 and one of them is migrating the repository from CodePlex to GitHub. The new repository can be found at http://netmf.github.io/; In conjunction with the move, we have done some cleaning up. The...(read more)
    Colin Miller