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What is the .NET Micro Framework?

.NET Micro Framework is an open source platform that enables you to write managed code C# applications using Visual Studio for resource constrained embedded devices. .NET Micro Framework is open sourced by Microsoft Open Technologies.

What is .NET Micro Framework used for?

.NET Micro Framework can be used to build embedded devices on resourced constrained devices running on a microcontroller with just a few hundred kilobytes of RAM and storage. Developers can use Visual Studio, C# and .NET knowledge to quickly write embedded applications without having to worry about the intricacies of each microcontroller. A developer can purchase a .NET Micro Framework compatible board, connect the board to their development computer running Visual Studio and start writing applications for physical devices. No extensive knowledge of hardware design is needed to get started writing code for physical devices.

Why .NET Micro Framework?

Great Developer Experience

Use best in-class development and debugging tools of Visual Studio to easily create micro intelligent devices.

Rapid prototyping

Bring your ideas to life in hours instead of days or weeks with the .NET Gadgeteer platform. Quickly and easily develop your inventions to show people your creative designs.

Leverage .NET and C#

Harness your existing C# and .NET knowledge base to bring cool and innovative devices to life.

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  • NETMF Applications: Remote Cooling Tower monitoring systems with cellular connectivity November 26, 2014
    A question that I am frequently asked is where has NETMF is used commercially. This would be an easy question to answer if we charged for the platform because we would know who our customers are. But as an Open Source project, we only hear anecdotally...(read more)
    Colin Miller
  • Coming Home November 11, 2014
    Looking at the blog history, it has been exactly two years since I last made an entry so it about time for a new update. Let’s talk about why the team is back and what we are doing. Some months ago at the BUILD conference, Steve Teixeira (Director...(read more)
    Colin Miller
  • SDK Beta with Visual Studio 2013 Support Released September 24, 2014
    Today we are releasing the beta update to the .NET Micro Framework SDK. The release adds support for Visual Studio 2013, which has been a top request from the .NET MF community for some time now. The project is developed by engineers assigned to the MS...(read more)
    Sal Ramirez
  • Hello! June 27, 2014
    It’s been a while since the .NET Micro Framework team has provided an update about the project. Well the team is here and has been busy gathering feedback from the community, thinking about future direction of the project and at the same time starting...(read more)
    Sal Ramirez
  • NETMF 4.3: Document Update and Issue Fixing October 22, 2013
    Thank you for your support. As always, we will continue supporting .NET Micro Framework. Coming soon, we will update the SDK document and fix some critical issues. In the meantime, please migrate your work to version 4.3. Again, we really appreciate your...(read more)
    ShiZhe Jiang